This Turkish Dessert Is SO Popular They Call It 'The Queen Of Ramadan Delicacies'

Say hello to Güllaç: The food with a rose.

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4 June 2017

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video credit: EasyTurkishRecipes/YouTube

The holy month of Ramadan brings an array of delicacies to various parts of the world: Atayef in the Middle East, Pakoras in South East Asia, Luqaimat in Saudi Arabia and Güllaç in Turkey.

This fluffy sweet dessert is SO popular among Turks that they often call it the 'Queen of Ramadan desserts'.

Turkish iftar is usually a hearty spread of rich soups, veggies, meat and drink — often going a little overboard. After such a heavy meal, people prefer a dessert that’s light on the stomach yet offers the perfect end to a fulfilling meal. And that’s why güllaç, a light milk-based pastry filled with walnuts and dipped in rose water is their ideal option.

A cherry on top or a bunch of pomegranate seeds completes the presentation of the güllaç — the food with a rose.

Want to try this Turkish delight at home? Watch this easy tutorial by YouTube channel @EasyTurkishRecipes and give your iftar a Turkish twist this Ramadan.

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