The Science Behind The Perfect Brownie |

The Science Behind The Perfect Brownie

Fudgy or cakey - your choice!

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7 June 2017

video credit: EverydayFood/YouTube

Don’t mention this to your doc or your gym instructor but trust us here: A brownie a day keeps ALL stress away.

Be it the gooey chocolate fudge bite or the crispy and nutty cakey delight, this simple dessert is pretty much always the answer to all your blues. It doesn’t matter if you make it for a birthday party, a bake sale or just as a snack — it will always lift up your mood.

But if you feel as though every time you make brownies, they're not quite there yet (too dry, under-baked, too moist) then watch this interesting video by @EveryDayFood to understand the science behind the best brownies.

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