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We had the chance to try out their delicious dishes, and we highly recommend you visit

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10 January 2017

Maison Mathis Review by EWfood

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I have to be honest; Maison Mathis has always been a go-to favourite of mine since moving to Dubai back in 2014. The Belgian restaurant's unique decor, superb location and tasty dishes has ensured it's stayed solidly in my 'must-try in Dubai' list, and I've enjoyed taking visitors there ever since.

So now we've clarified why I love the place, now I need to convince you on why you need to join me in the 'We <3 MM' fan club.

Simply put... The food is delightful. That's my first main point. Offering everything from classic breakfast dishes, to steaming pots of mussels, to international offerings that includes steak, pizzas, burgers and risotto... There's something on the menu to suit all taste buds.

During our visit, my husband and I were recommended a few dishes that the chef wanted us to try in particular, which included the Maison Mathis chefs salad, and the lobster linguine for two. Alongside these, we also opted for the Belgian cheese croquettes and the house cured beetroot salmon from the starters on the menu.

The entrance to Maison Mathis

Image Credit: EWfood

We were warmly greeted by the members of staff, namely Radoslaw Slusarczyk, the Assistant General Manager, and our waiter for the evening who went by the name Muzzi. Quite comfortable at our table inside the main restaurant area, we began with still water and bread to satisfy our pangs of hunger we were both experiencing after not eating since midday.

Now I think at this stage, it's important to point out that the newest menu in place at the establishment has been created by none other than Head Chef Bart Thoelen, a Michelin star chef whose culinary knowledge expands over two decades. Of course, we knew we were going to be in for a treat with what we'd selected.

Inside Maison Mathis

Image Credit: EWfood

Here's where the fun part starts. You see, after devouring the two starters we ordered - with a special shout out to the croquettes, which we were informed can vary depending on the cheeses the chef decides to experiment with, in our case they were filled with melted parmesan and emmental - out came the MM chefs salad, and then the lobster linguine.

Embarrassingly, I'd given Radoslaw a heads up when we first completed our order... My husband and I were lacking experience when it comes to eating lobster.

Lobster for Two at Maison Mathis 1

Image Credit: EWfood

Not to worry however, as he let the kitchen know and our lobster linguine came already prepared, with the meat made easy to get to. Now don't get me wrong, I was ready to crack some lobster (after frantically YouTubing videos while sat there), but alas, my new found confidence was not needed. Thankfully. The entire meal - from the sweet mix of the beetroot with the salmon, to the extra-cheesey croquettes, to the amazing collaboration of avocados, egg, roast potatoes, bacon (P), goates cheese and bread all in one bowl in the chefs salad - all were delightful to consume.

And the lobster? Superb! It was my first ever attempt at trying lobster, and after enjoying the mixed flavours of tarragon, tomatoes and linguine pasta mixed with the perfectly cooked Canadian east coast lobster, I can safely say I'm a huge fan now.

Of course, we most definitely appreciated the extra help backstage preparing the dish, as we were able to fully enjoy the meal without the risk of embarrassing ourselves to neighbouring diners. Which by the way, might I point out, was many. There was plenty of people relaxing in the evening, enjoying food with friends, their partners and catching up over a drink, too.

Lobster for Two at Maison Mathis 2

Image Credit: EWfood

Now this is my second point, not only is MM a restaurant, but there's also an outdoor bar and terrace that makes full use of the cooler Dubai temperatures, an allocated and private VIP area that would be perfect for a large party, and not forgetting their patisserie filled with deliciously satisfying desserts and treats to eat in-house or takeaway.

Ah, dessert. Lets not forget the desserts. Again, we devoured two dishes recommended by the kitchen; a rhubarb crumble, and chocolate mousse. My husband favoured the crumble, whereas I practically inhaled the chocolate mousse, which was completely melt-in-your-mouth, sent from heaven above, perfection on a plate! I promise. It's a must try dessert.

Dessert at Maison Mathis

Image Credit: EWfood

How much would a visit to Maison Mathis cost you?

On average for two people, with a starter, main course and drink each, it would roughly be between Dhs 300 and 400. Which I feel, is extremely reasonable considering the location, the high-class menu and the unique detailing inside.

What else would you recommend on the menu?

If seafood isn't your calling, opt for one of the MM buns, that are each served with thick cut fries. The dishes included burgers, pulled beef sandwiches, gourmet hot dogs. Otherwise, their pasta and main menu options have something that will surely satisfy your tastebuds.

Not forgetting, as it is a Belgian restaurant, to pair your meal with one of their thirst-quenching Belgian beers on offer behind the bar.

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