Black Charcoal Ice Cream Is The Internet’s Revenge From Everything Rainbow


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28 April 2017

Black charcoal ice cream

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Here’s a special shout-out to all those who LOVE ice cream but don’t want to feel cute about it: An ice cream shop in LA, Little Damage has created the most Gothic ice cream you could wish for.

This cold dark dessert is custom-made for every soul who always sides with the bad guys, prefers black for celebration and stays 200 km away from the infamous unicorn trend.

What makes these ice creams blacker than the evil queen's soul?

The answer is (unsurprisingly) activated charcoal – a trendy ingredient popping up in the form of detoxifying masks, cleansing juices and hangover cure. But potential health benefits aside, there's no denying that this jet-black treat is BEYOND Instagram-worthy.

The official flavour is almond charcoal — SO METAL.

For those who think the blackest one will bewitch them - there are options to add some colour with confetti, skittles and oreo toppings.

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But beware — eating these baddies will leave you with messy black teeth.

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Cone or cup... why not both?

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